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L👀K! New arrivals!

Seasonality in fashion (when it has never been so fleeting)

Seasons are a thing of the past my dear lady! And yet, the first premise is a simple one: we don't wear the same clothes in all seasons. The fashion world quickly took this observation and ran with it, introducing a calendar split in two: spring and summer, autumn and winter. But today “capsule” releases and “restocking” are flourishing, so much so that the idea of “collections” has lost some of its meaning.

Indeed, to increase brand awareness and excite irises enough to trigger immediate purchases, you have to make yourself visible and gain more and more ground. In a way, this need to constantly feed voracious social media with new things has taken over creation. Even in stores, we consider that a product has been “seen enough” after a few months on the shelves (a few weeks, in large retail stores).

In France, Sézane was one of the first brands to make this model its mode of production (and communication, let's not forget that!) in 2013: to offer new products every month in limited quantities, only available online. No unsold products, no stocks, only collector's items. The formula then spread widely. For brands, producing small quantities is also a way of taking less risks. If the model does not sell, it can then more easily be taken off the shelves to be replaced by another! Brands are more and more asking their audience to make creative choices: "Do you prefer your T-Shirt in blue or in pink? Vote! ”

However, this logic has a cost! The margin now takes into account the flop of certain products, which will eventually be sold off… or even destroyed. It’s also a great way to encourage overconsumption: buy when we don’t necessarily need it, fearing that the product will soon be unavailable.

At GURU mtp, we wanted to stay away from this logic by releasing timeless models in order to sell off stocks before offering anything new. We still need a pair of sandals, which we will produce when we have the money, and then we will have the whole calendar covered!

So feel free to visit us in all seasons!


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