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running away from 2020

2020, where to start?

It wasn’t the year of the shoe, for sure. Neither to wear them, nor to wear them out. No more pumps, see you soon beautiful boots: 2020 was all about the showdown between team socks + sandals and team trainers.

Aside from walking from improvised office desks to kitchen counters and back, or rushing through public transport halls barely less crowded than usual, we certainly haven't traveled enough this year. Only the mind has had time to fly, and fortunately so! Perhaps the big winners of 2020 are ultimately books, movies, series ... or even the imagination!

But imagination has its limits. The word of the GURU began to disseminate just as the spread of the virus began, at the end of 2019. Frankly, we are a little envious of our sister's success: we could not have thought of a greater challenge than seeing our young brand make its debuts in such a context!

However, we both dreamed of the GURU. For Fanny, it embodies ethics, a more transparent fashion that is still chic! For me, it is the desire to protect the living and to prove that we can have style without animal abuse.

After such a year, the least we can say is that we don't feel overly confident about the future. Would it be too big a dream for 2021 to hope that you believe in GURU as much as we do? You are the best ambassadors we could imagine, so think of us, wear our shoes, talk about us and interact with our social media posts!

Thanks to you, GURU will even survive 2021!

As for ourselves, we wish you a happy new year, sweet and full of colors.

Take care of yourself. 2021 is waiting for us.


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