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The party is never over

The famous “Black Friday” has just passed. Fast fashion had a field day again and will likely sell tons of clothes made in horrible conditions both for animals and the planet. Didn’t hear from us? That’s normal. We chose not to have sales. Our shoes are sold at the right price, so it stays the same all year round.

But as the holidays approach, we often let ourselves be tempted by a little treat... for ourselves or for a loved one! And it is quite natural. Maybe even more this year!

So how to reconcile small pleasures with reasoned consumption? 🌱 How to bring together the desire for party clothes and accessories and ethical consumption? 💃🏽 By choosing fashion pieces that can be worn all year long!

A stylist friend once said to me: “Gwendoline, the most important thing about style is accessorisation.” 💎 You can have a small, all-purpose wardrobe, yet of quality and well-tailored. These "basic" looks will become unique by combining them with accessories for special occasions... or even to spice up everyday outfits!

So there is no need to buy a complete jacket–shirt–pants–shoes outfit to shine. Why not opt ​​instead for a peculiar item that can be worn throughout the year?

It is for these reasons that we created several sparkly models that will also do the trick at work or at more casual evening parties.


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