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Cognac Tarantula

Cognac Tarantula

€120.00 Regular Price
€72.00Sale Price

Softness and finesse but beware of appearances, you will not be so wise. With its velvet touch, its notched sole and its 3 cm heel, the world will be at your doorstep.


    Factory : La Salette & Carvalho, Oliveira de Azeméis, Portugal

    Material Upper
    Composition: Backing, 100% Polyamide Microfiber – Finish, 100% Polyurethane
    Trade name: Mycro Suede
    Manufacturer: Giardini
    Country: Italy
    Cost per pair: €4.10

    Lining Material
    Material: Microfiber
    Trade name: On Steam OEKO TEX standard 100
    Manufacturer : Moron
    Country: Spain
    Cost per pair: €2.50  

    Composition: Neolite 100% Polyurethane
    Manufacturer: Vimabra
    Country: Portugal
    Cost per pair: €4.20

    Accessories – Lace
    Material: 100% cotton
    Manufacturer : Paiva
    Country: Portugal
    Cost per pair: 1€

    Accessories – Nails
    Material: Aluminum
    Manufacturer : RZ Componentes
    Country: Portugal
    Cost per pair: €2.50

    Manufacturing cost : 14€

    Factory margin : €5.45

    Labor time : from cutting the materials to boxing, 2 full days for 150 pairs made.

    Material: Cardboard
    Cost: 1.25


    Factory total cost : 35€   
    Transport from factory to storage
    Cost per pair: 1€
    GURU Margin
    We apply to the cognac Tarantule model a margin of 2.85 on the total factory cost, this brings us €65 to finance our fixed and variable costs. You will find below the detail of the costs per pair of shoes, estimated on the basis of thirty pairs sold per month:
    Bank commission, e.g. Paypal: €3.45
    Accounting: €7.47
    Business bank account: €1.15
    Legal: €0.57
    Material sample: €0.57
    Supplies and documentation: €0.80
    Hardware, software, photo accessories: €2.53
    Packaging: €2.50
    Merchant website: €0.80
    Lounges: €3.45
    Photo shoot: €3.06
    Travel costs : €1.91
    Taxes and duties : €1.53
    Total cost of charges : €29.79
    Social charges : €6.65
    Net remuneration (two people) : €28.55

    French VAT 20% : €20

    Customer price : 120€


    The Tarantule model runs small, choose a size above your usual size.

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