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Panther metallic

Panther metallic

€95.00 Regular Price
€58.00Sale Price

With these shoes, standing out is a given. On these comfortable and sexy 7 cm heels, there’s no doubt you will be breathtaking!


    Factory: La Salette & Carvalho, Oliveira de Azeméis, Portugal


    Upper material

    Support: Microfibre, 25% Polyester 75% Cotton – Coating: 100% Polyuréthane

    Commercial Name: Flash Satin R83

    Supplier: Giardini

    Country: Italy

    Cost per pair: 3,50€


    Lining material

    Composition: Microfibre

    Commercial Name: On Steam

    Supplier: Moron

    Country: Spain

    Cost per pair: 2,10€



    Composition: Neolite 100% Polyurethane

    Supplier: Vimabra

    Country: Portugal

    Cost per pair: 4,20€


    Production cost: 12€


    Factory margin: 4,95€


    Manufacturing time: from the cutting of the materials to the shoebox, 2 full days for 150 manufactured pairs.



    Composition: Cardboard

    Cost: 1,25€


    Total factory cost: 28€


    Transportation from factory to our warehouse

    Cost per pair: 1€


    GURU margin:

    We mark the Panther metallic up by 2.81 from the total factory cost, which leaves us with 51 € to cover our fixed and variable costs. Below you will find the cost breakdown for a single pair of shoes, estimated on the basis of thirty pairs sold per month:


    Banking Commission, e.g.: Paypal: 2,7€

    Accounting: 5,86€

    Professional bank account: 0,9€

    Legal fees: 0,45€


    Material samples: 0,45€

    Office supplies and documentation: 0,63€

    Computer hardware/software, photo accessories: 1,98€

    Packaging: 2,5€


    Website: 0,63€

    Fairs: 2,70€

    Photo shoots: 2,40€

    Travel expenses: 1,50€

    Taxes: 1,20€

    Total expenses: 23,9€

    Social security contributions: 5€

    Salary (for two persons): 22€


    French VAT 20%: 16€


    Retail price: 95€

  • FIT

    Our Panther model has a regular fit. Choose your usual size.

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