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vegan shoes with spirit


Animals are not made to be shoes or fashion accessories, especially since more ecological alternatives exist… and the margins for innovation are huge! Why should we ignore them?


At Guru mtp, we love to play on words as much as we love pretty things. Our dressing room is meant to be limited but desirable. Far from the usual cliché of the barefoot-walking hippy, we design shoes with attitude.

towards a reasonable production

Why do major retailers launch their summer collection in February and their winter collection in July? Because their stocks are expected to be marked down throughout the season, following a discount sales policy. Our mailboxes are swamped all year long by a string of special offers, clearance sales, private sales, destock… We do not produce more in anticipation of Black Friday.

just value

Devised to recoup their costs through loads of sale discounts, products lose their intrinsic value. We want to bring it back, both to the shoes and to the people who make them. At Guru mtp, we want to put out our models at the right price from the start.
We are as transparent as we can about our products and their real costs. Each model’s making process is detailed in its entirety, to give you a better understanding of the product, out of respect for our customers, for our products and for the people who make them. We don’t ask for your trust, we win it.


Guru mpt wants to fight leather, but also plastic!
You have a material that could be of interest to us? Contact us, our team of designers is keen on all kinds of experiments.
We are constantly seeking new materials, both to succeed in getting rid of any petroleum-based products, and to encourage the research and development of innovative and natural materials.
We want Guru mtp to be a springboard for these alternatives, and our taste in fashion to be a lever to push techniques to evolve along with ideas.
We would be delighted to offer you shoes made exclusively in innovative materials but unfortunately the law of the market dictates that as long as there are not enough consumers, research will progress slowly. Supporting these initiatives and carrying them together is our goal.
Guru mtp, in collaboration with its designers and modellers, wants to be a research lab, a place of experimentation, and a company that challenges the codes of the shoe industry.

environmental respect

We want to use the most environmentally friendly materials possible and we encourage the development of alternative materials. We only work with European factories. This allows us to limit the environmental impact of transport and to ensure fair working conditions for everyone. (For our accessories, we prioritize Made in France products. For our shoes, the network of factories is too small in France, and manufacturing prices would be elitist, which we want to avoid.)


We want the story of our product to be as pretty
as the product!

Why “GURU“?

A wink to the “bad and cruel vegan sect“, of course!

Why “mtp“ ?

For Montpellier, south of France, brand headquarters.

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