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I promise, cross my heart!

For 2022, we suggest you try the best resolution 🐮❤️🐷

Once again we tell ourselves: this year is the one, it's decided! We will take it seriously, change our habits and become a better version of ourselves. We are motivated and rearing to start from January 1st on, ready to finally take up those good habits. And then, unfortunately… we don't even last ten days before putting off our plans until next year, sinking on the couch, nose deep inside a bag of crisps. It almost feels like keeping one's resolutions is a resolution in its own right…

To make your life easier, the GURU team has decided to help you by giving you the right resolution for 2022. You know where we’re going: this year, test and adopt a vegan lifestyle! A selfless, all-rounder of a resolution: good for your health, the environment, animals and your wallet. Well, it might not help you get up in the morning, but you shouldn't ask for too much.

If you’ve already taken the plunge, you are at the top! You are now exempted from good resolutions for the year: you’ve earned the crisps and the sofa. Of course, you can still titillate your loved ones and challenge them to switch to the vegan side of the Force. Or get back to sport, but we won’t be able to help you with that.

For the others, let's go! Like every year, the UK non-profit organization Veganuary offers a free incentive program to help you switch to a vegan diet. It’s 100% plant-based January challenge includes many tools and information, deconstructing the myths surrounding this dietary choice. After registration, a daily email will be sent to you during the 31 days of January, to help you discover and share healthy, creative and delicious cuisine, with recipes, nutritional advice and tips.

The results of your efforts will benefit everyone:

• The animals, because in a single month of challenge, you’ll be saving up to 17 lives, according to the Vegetarian Calculator. What change of habit can say the same?

• The planet, because reducing the pressure of breeding is a relief valve. In particular, it limits deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions. Study after study has shown that reducing meat consumption is the major lever for individual action on climate change. Take the test on the WWF calculator to find out your carbon footprint and get tips on how to reduce it.

• Your health, since a plant-based diet provides more fiber and more vitamins. Scientific research has shown that vegans adopting a varied diet are less likely to develop cardiovascular diseases and certain types of cancer, to name a few. Athletes also notice an increase in energy, thanks to more digestible foods.

To make your mouth water and prove that anything is possible, here is a recipe for the famous Frangipani tart (in French, Galette des reines et rois) by Seven Roses.

You can also be vigilant about fashion and decoration purchases by choosing plant-based materials, or those with low environmental impact.

And if you're looking for cruelty-free style, head to our online store.

The GURU mtp team wishes you a happy, green and kind 2022, cross our heart!


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