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🌞 Enjoy a 40€ discount on the entire collection

Help us make room for new models!

Dearest friends of the planet and of all its inhabitants,

With the creation of GURU mtp, we often find ourselves torn between our values ​​and the imperatives of a company.

We are aware of – and we regularly inform you about – the ecological impact of the production of shoes. Each purchase draws on the planet's resources and it is important not to consume more than the earth can give to us. However, we need to sell to continue to offer you more virtuous shoes and share our vision of fashion.

This is why we have chosen to communicate transparently, to minimize our margins as much as possible, to avoid misleading superlatives and to limit commercial operations on our reduced margins.

However, today we are offering you a 40 euro discount on our entire collection throughout the month of September.

By doing this we want to free up stock and generate cash to finance two new models – including a gender-neutral one! We can't wait to show you our eco-designed newborns.

Enter promo code VIVAVEGAN for a 40€ discount and get yourself a new look to celebrate the end of the summer holidays! Let yourself be tempted by our designer shoes made in Europe.


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